Student Leadership

Community Leader

There will be 2 community leaders in each community.  The community leaders will be selected from years 10 and 11.  Students will be appointed following application and interview.

The main duties of this post are:

  • To represent the community on the college council and attend all meetings
  • To work in the college council on an agreed project to drive forward academy and/or community improvement
  • To hold a community council meeting as per the academy calendar
  • To communicate the outcomes of the community council meeting to all members of the community
  • To ensure the participation of all tutor groups in the community council
  • To ensure that all community council members communicate effectively with their tutor group members through the “boardroom” discussions
  • To regularly present in assemblies on topics related to the community
  • To represent the academy at all open and information evenings
  • To hold regular meetings with all of your community student leaders
  • To attend regular link meetings with the teacher in charge
  • To assist in developing a community identity and be a positive role model at all times

Deadline for applications: Friday 9th June

Interviews: Week beginning 12th June 2017