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Showtime Dance Show

Show starts 6:00pm, Main Hall




Year 7 Parents' Evening

4:30 - 6:30pm, Main Hall




Year 8 Parents' Evening

4:30 - 6:30pm, Main Hall




••• NEW DATE ADDED •••    Year 8 Parents' Evening  Wednesday 22nd April

Non Uniform Day  Friday 27th March Cost £1 (all proceeds going to good causes)

••• Please be aware the college has an early finish at 1pm Friday 27th March •••




Welcome to Corelli College, the First London Co-operative Academy.  It is a great pleasure to extend a warm welcome from everyone connected with this Co-operative Academy, to a learning community where equality, diversity and respect resonate in all we do.

We aim to maximise success by ensuring that all students are provided with rich and high quality educational opportunities, within our culture of high aspiration where achievement is recognised and celebrated. From the moment you enter the gates at Corelli College you quickly realise how happy, caring and successful Corelli students are.

We emphasise academic challenge. Committed to providing excellence in education and opportunities for all, we have high expectations of our students and results continue to improve year on year. Our central aim is to enable each young person to achieve great things in whatever he or she undertakes. We pride ourselves on continuously striving to offer the highest quality teaching and learning experiences and use self-improvement to drive up standards.

Central to our strong pastoral system are the co-operative values of self-responsibility, self-help, equality, equity, democracy and solidarity. We are a community where our young people are confident, articulate, responsible, learning focused and successful.

We are proud of our beautiful site, spacious enough to incorporate superb recreational and games facilities.

We also offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. The Arts are a strength at Corelli and underpin our ethos of

creativity and innovation across the curriculum.  Our Farm Academy with its bees, chickens and fresh fruit and vegetables,

allows students to have an experience unknown to many.  Perhaps, most importantly, we encourage all students to explore

and broaden their interests and provide a secure, friendly and happy environment in which they can develop as individuals.

As Principal, my aim is to ensure that each student’s experience is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. I believe in the basics

of reading, writing, communicating and mathematics and will relentlessly pursue excellence in punctuality, behaviour, uniform

and respect for one another.

This website will give you a flavour of what young people and staff experience when they are part of the College.


Zara Tippey, Principal

2014 guide now available to view and download

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